Dizin Hotel in Iran

It is quite common on hostels or hotels’ websites that they provide a list of their top facilities and services to attract tourists. But I believe there are few hotels in Iran as fortunate as Dizin Hotel to have a tourist attraction like Dizin Ski Resort as one of their facilities. Dizin Chalets and Dizin Hotel are the only options of accommodation in Dizin that are located right next to the ski resort and there are thousands of Iranian and foreign ski lovers who take several trips to the region every year and stay there for a few nights at a time. This hotel is comprised of two large buildings that are wrongly known as Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2. There are twin, triple, and 4-bed rooms and also 4-bed suites in the large buildings. People desiring to have a single room are provided with a twin room at the same rate. And that's because breakfast is not included in prices. Dizin chalets are of two types; small ones that are good for a group of 6, and big ones that are good for a group of 9 or more. There are cool coffee shops and restaurants in both of the buildings and also ski rentals for the skiers who hate to carry around the cumbersome ski equipment. Last but not least, this hotel sponsors you to get your Iranian visa.


Dizin Hotel Prices

  • Private Twin Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €70(Price) per night
  • Private 3-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €90(Price) per night
  • Private 4-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €110(Price) per night
  • 4 Pax Connected Rooms(Private Bathroom) - €170(Price) per night

The rooms rates above include your Wi-Fi, but Not your breakfast.


Dizin Hotel Address

Address in English: Dizin Hotel, Dizin Road, Chalus Road, Karaj, Iran

Addres in Farsi:

کرج، جاده چالوس، جاده دیزین، هتل بین المللی دیزین


Dizin Hotel VS. Other Dizin Ski Resort Hotels

Although there are other hotels like Gajereh Hotel in Dizin around the resort, there is no doubt that Dizin Hotel is the best accommodation option for the skiers. Despite its lower rooms prices compared to those of Dizin Hotel, Gajereh Hotel is around 3 km away from the ski resort and this problem of distance has made this hotel the second most popular hotel in the region. The location of Dizin Hotel is so convenient that you can see the skiers skiing down the slopes from the hotel’s rooms and it’s just a 2-minute walk to the booth at which you can buy your Dizin ski pass. Furthermore, there is also a hostel in Dizin which is a great option for budget travelers.


Dizin Ski Resort Taxi

Dizin is located way out of Tehran and there is no public transportation from the airports to this region. Still, Dizin Hotel offers the tourists its very convenient and secure IKA airport taxi. The hotel’s pickup services are done through a contract with Iran Tourists Transportation Service (IranTTS) that has employed very professional drivers who specialize in driving on the mountainous roads to Iran ski resorts.


Iran Ski Tours and Dizin Hotel

The tourists who arrive at IKA airport in the middle of the night and are too exhausted to take the 3-hour taxi ride directly to Dizin Hotel are advised to stay at a hotel in Tehran for a night or two and take their trips to Dizin through Iran ski tour packages offered by Iran Tours Group. The group specializes in running tours in Iran and their packages include both your transportation as well as your accommodation at Dizin Hotel.


Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel


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