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Hotel in Dizin - Dizin Hotel and Gajereh Hotel

Dizin Ski Resort is like a fortune to this country’s tourism. Every year, Iranians and foreigners, thousands of amateur and professional skiers take frequent trips to Dizin to enjoy the unique Iran skiing experience the resort offers. The very fine powdery snow on the slopes coupled with the amazing surroundings of the resort are among the factors that have made it irresistible. Its great snow helps the good skiers ski smoothly and also cushions the dangerous tumbling of the beginners. Being blessed with such an attraction, Dizin accommodation options like Dizin Hotel make a fortune not only every winter, but also every spring and summer. In warm seasons the resort offers grass skiing on its beautiful green slopes. Given that, many foreign tourists try to book their rooms at a hotel or a hostel in Dizin in advance. The purpose for writing this text is to provide the readers with some information about two of the most popular options; Dizin and Gajereh Hotel in Dizin.

Hotel in Dizin

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Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel is the best and most convenient accommodation facility found in the vicinity the resort. This hotel is most convenient especially because of its very good location; it’s only a 2-minute walk from the resort and in fact the hotel rooms' amazing view of the resort has contributed to its popularity greatly. The hotel is somehow a complex because it's comprised of two large buildings and also more than a dozen of chalets. The two large buildings that are wrongly known as Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2 are old-school in their architecture in a way that it’s obvious they’ve been built in the 60s. Dizin chalets, sprawled around these buildings, are quite similar to those found around ski resorts in Switzerland. People here like them more than the buildings' rooms because they’re cozier, more private and also more stylish.

Hotel in Dizin

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Gajereh Hotel in Dizin

Gajereh Hotel in Dizin is the second most popular option here. There is only one reason behind this hotel’s misfortune of being the second choice; this hotel is located at a distance of 2 km from the resort. Still, Gajereh Hotel provides its guests with free shuttle service for the transportation of the skiers to the resort and back to the hotel. Generally speaking, if one ignores the downside of the distance, the facilities at Gajereh Hotel are sort of better than those at its rivals. There is a very nice swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and a large room for several entertaining games including billiard. Furthermore, Gajereh Hotel rooms prices are lower than those offered by Dizin Hotel.

Hotel in Dizin

Hotel in Dizin   Hotel in Dizin   Hotel in Dizin   Hotel in Dizin

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