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Iran Dizin Ski Resort is for sure the best ski resort in the Middle East and attracts thousands of tourists from round the world every winter. This unique resort is laid on the beautiful Alborz mountain range and is around 123 kilometers away from the capital city, Tehran. Right now, Gajereh Hotel and Dizin Hotel are the two popular but somehow expensive options of accommodation in Dizin. But the good news is that there is a new budget option in this region which is our latest branch and is called Seven hostel in Dizin. Our new hostel is a modest villa that provides the guests with both dorm beds and also private rooms. Seven hostel in Dizin is a friendly, warm, and cozy place where you get to meet many people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. As far as the location of the hostel is concerned, we are located at a distance of 4 km to the resort, but there is free transportation (shuttle) service from the hostel to the ski complex in the mornings and back to the hostel in the afternoons.

Hostel in Dizin

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Dizin Hostel's Rooms and Prices

Our Dizin hostel is warm not just because of its warm and friendly hosts, but also because of its perfectly-working radiators in all the rooms. There is even a fireplace in the living room that keeps the dormitory pleasantly warm. The rate for the dorm beds is 20 USD and for private rooms, 45 USD per night. Breakfast, internet, and transportation to Dizin Ski Resort are all included in the price. Unfortunately, and due to the mountainous location of the village, internet is quite slow in Dizin and there is little we can do about it. Still, we are trying our best to provide the best internet connection possible. There are three bathrooms and showers in the whole villa in which you can enjoy a warm shower after returning from the slopes. All in all, our Dizin hostel is exactly what a hostel should be.

How to Go to Seven Hostel in Dizin?

Regarding transportation to Dizin, there are two options; the cheap option is to take Tehran Metro or Tehran BRT to West Bus Terminal in Tehran, take Chalus buses, get off the bus at Dizin exit in the middle of Chalus road, and then hitch a lift or take a taxi there to Velayat Rud Village in which Seven Hostel in Dizin is located. The second option, which is more expensive but more convenient, is to book Dizin taxi services offered by Iran Tourists Transportation Service. Their rate for IKIA taxi to Dizin or the other way is 80 USD, and from any hostel or hotel in Tehran is 50 USD. We recommend you to book your pick-up service through this company because their drivers are familiar with the region and know the exact location of our hostel. Furthermore, given the three-hour mountainous ride from IKIA to Dizin, the rate offered by this company is quite fair. As far as the service at the hostel in concerned, our Dizin hostel is managed by Mohammadreza Nowruzi who is a professional Iran tour guide, has great Iran travel information, speaks great English, sponsors you to get your Iran visa, and will let you know about everything you must know about Iran. He has run a wide range of tours in Iran but he specializes in Dizin ski touring.

The Directions to and the Address to Our Dizin Ski Resort Hostel

As mentioned before, our Dizin ski resort hostel is located at 4 km to the resort. It is near the end of a village called Velayat Rud, right next to a famous building in the village whose name is Noh-Tabaghe or Sepid. You will see SevenHostels Group's logo (a big red 7) at the side of the road and also next to the gate. To help you more with the directions, below you can see the hostel's GPS coordinates, the address in English and Persian, and also the contacts of the hostel.

Hostel in Dizin

Hostel in Dizin

GPS Coordinates: 36.078733, 51.384979

Address in English: Seven Hostel in Dizin, Next to Noh-Tabaghe (Sepid) Building, Near the End of the Village, Velayat Rud Village, Dizin Exit, Chalus Road, Karaj

Address in Persian:

کرج، جاده چالوس، روستای ولایترود، جنب ساختمان نه طبقه(سپید) ، خانه سون در دیزین

What's App/Phone Number: 00989353836810

SevenHostels Group's Email:

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Hostel in Dizin   Hostel in Dizin   Hostel in Dizin   Hostel in Dizin

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