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Alamut, the Valley of Assassins boasts some of the most historically and naturally significant tourist attractions. Alamut castle, the den of Hasan Sabbagh and his notorious band of assassins, is a truly awe-aspiring sight. Located at the peak of an impassable terrain, the fort strikes one as a mythological figure. But the fort is only one tiny aspect of the glory of Alamut. The area around Alamut Castle is famous for its pristine natural beauty. With sights such as Alamut Valley, Ovan Lake and the beautiful Zarabad Village, the region attracts many nature-lovers as well as sightseeing tourists. There aren’t any luxury hotels in Alamut but budget accommodation abounds in its expansive area. These include Alamut cheap hotels, Alamut guesthouses, Alamut homestays and Alamut bed and breakfasts. But one type of accommodation surpasses the others both in terms of facilities and location. Alamut hostels are a fairly new phenomenon in the land of the Assassins. Scattered in the scenic and peaceful villages around Alamut, these hostels offer all that is lost in the typical life of a city dweller: refreshing weather, delectable local cuisine and hospitable staff that treat you like family. There is also a superb international vibe present in these cozy lodges. You will meet many adventurous souls from all over the globe that roam the region especially during the tourist season.


Seven Hostel in Alamut

Seven Hostel in Alamut

8/19/2018 4:31:35 PM

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