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Dizin, this extraordinary region tucked away at the heights of Alborz Mountains, offers a wonderful array of fun activities. Mostly known for its magical powder and good facilities in the snow season, Dizin welcomes travelers from all over the world who enjoy an exquisite holiday amidst the snow for an incredible price. As a result of the deluge of annual visitors, Iran’s hospitality sector has been active in Dizin from its first opening days more than half a century ago. From nice high-quality hotels to numerous types of budget accommodation such as hostels, guesthouses and B&Bs, Dizin has many options to offer to any budget and taste. Dizin hotels are the oldest forms of accommodation in the region and many Iranians have has their first skiing experience while lodging in their cozy and warm rooms. Dizin Hotel and Gajereh Hotel both are conveniently located to allow easy access to Dizin Ski Resort. They offer affordable, standard and safe accommodation with a good facilities and service. But for backpackers and other budget travelers, Dizin’s guesthouses and especially Dizin’s newly-founded hostels might be a better choice of accommodation. Dizin hostels are currently the most popular budget lodges in the land of perpetual snow. They are cheap, and well-located. A place like Seven Hostel in Dizin is an ideal accommodation for people who value coziness, authenticity and international vibe to all the luxury and fuss of fancy hotels. Staying in Seven Hostel has been so memorable for travelers that the hostel is even popular during spring and summer, a time when a myriad of flowers emerge from under the melting snow.


Seven Hostel in Dizin

Seven Hostel in Dizin

Located at a distance of around 4 km to Dizin Ski Resort in Iran, Seven Hostel in Dizin offers the most budget, but warmest and most intimate accommodation option in this region. It sponsors you to get your Iran visa, takes care of your Tehran airport taxi, offers free shuttle to resort and back, etc.

9/18/2018 8:32:14 AM

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