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Seven Hostel in Dizin

Located at a distance of around 4 km to Dizin Ski Resort in Iran, Seven Hostel in Dizin offers the most budget, but warmest and most intimate accommodation option in this region. It sponsors you to get your Iran visa, takes care of your Tehran airport taxi, offers free shuttle to resort and back, etc.


Hostels in Dizin

Dizin Hotel in Dizin

Dizin Hotel is surely the most popular and most convenient accommodation option near the ski resort. It's a 2 min walk to the resort and you can actually watch the skiers tumbling down the slopes from the rooms!


Hostels in Dizin

Gajereh Hotel in Dizin

Located at a distance of 3 km to the resort, and being the second most popular accommodation option in Dizin, Gajereh hotel is usually booked by tourists only when there is no availability at Dizin Hotel.

Hostels in Dizin   Hostels in Dizin   Hostels in Dizin   Hostels in Dizin

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