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Iran Hostels

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Tehran Hostels

Hostels in Tehran

Booking a good hostel in Tehran is very important and that's because most of the foreign tourists start and end their trips in Iran's capital. They help you get your Iran visa, they help you with your IKA airport taxi, etc. Read all about popular hostels in this city.


Isfahan Hostels

Hostels in Isfahan

The city of Isfahan in Iran has so much to offer that Iranians call it half of the world. Read all about its popular accommodation options.



Shiraz Hostels

Hostels in Shiraz

The city of Persian Literature, flowers and nightingales, Shiraz is peopled by the warmest souls in this country. Read all about its popular hostels.



Yazd Hostels

Hostels in Yazd

Yazd is the only city in Iran that has been registered as a world heritage city. This exotic ancient oasis, is a must-do destination on any Iran travel tour. Read all about Yazd accommodation options.



Dizin Hostels

Hostels in Dizin

Dizin Ski Resort is one of those tourist attractions in Iran that looks completely out of place. Its majestic mountains, its unforgettable skiing experience cannot be described here. Read all about hostels and hotels in Dizin.



Alamut Hostels

Hostels in Alamut

The legendary Alamut Valley, aka. the valley of assassins is the most popular destination for hiking tours in Iran. Its world-famous castle and beautiful lake are just the known tip of the iceberg! Read all about Alamut accommodation options.

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RAVI KUMAR KOTTI on 11/19/2018
Salam. We are not Muslims but Hindus with very conservative dressing (Saree) . Is it safe to tour in Isfahan for a lady (Of course with her husband and not as a solo traveller)? What are all the other places/cities that are safe for a lady tourist either solo or with accompany? Please advise.

Thank You


Comment Code: 9001


Thanks very much for contacting us.

Everywhere is safe and you can travel confidentely.

Kind Regards

Seven Hostels Group


christine on 11/14/2018
hello have you a room with bathroom for 18 to 20 november witch price ? best regards

Room Available

Dear christine

Inquiry Code: 8929



Thank you very much for your interest in our services. At the moment, there is availability on your desired dates. The link below helps you to find more information about the price:

Please  refer to the link below and make your reservation. You'll receive a confirmation instantly.

Kind Regards

Seven Hostels Group

Kind Regards