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Thanks to its unrivalled range of religious historic monuments, Mashhad has always secured a seminal position in Iran’s tourism industry. Millions of pilgrims that visit the magnificent Shrine of Imam Reza each year together with tourists that come to explore the natural wonders of Eastern Iran, have contributed to the city’s wonderful wealth of hospitality facilities. Mashhad hotels are second to none in Iran in terms of diversity and opulence. But this same centrality has overshadowed the city’s excellent budget accommodations which have evolved from a marginal business to a huge and prosperous industry. Depending on your choice, you have different option of budget accommodation. Mashhad guesthouses, Mashhad homestays and Mashhad bed and breakfasts all thrive in an unprecedented pace in the city’s competitive hospitality market. However, none of the above have been as successful as Mashhad’s newly-founded hostels in providing the ever-shifting demands of international budget travelers. They offer a complete package that includes ideal location, clean rooms, nice basic facilities and lively hang-out areas with international vibe. There are different choices of shared and private rooms and dorms in these hostels all of which include free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Location is a major issue to consider in looking for a lodge since Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran and transportation especially private taxis are expensive. That brings us to another advantage of staying in Mashhad hostels, namely location. The majority of these cheap lodges lie in the main tourist hubs near Imam Reza’s Shrine and other major attractions of the city. That means most of the popular sightseeing spots are within your immediate access.


Aram Hostel in Mashhad

Aram Hostel in Mashhad

8/3/2018 3:07:24 PM

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