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Apart from being the capital of Iran, Tehran is also its largest, most populated and most expensive city. These attributes will sound alarming to the people on a budget trip to Iran. But no worries since Tehran is also known for its impressive array of budget accommodation. There are many different choices in the latter category including Tehran hotels, Tehran homestays, Tehran bed and breakfasts and of course Tehran guesthouses. But speaking of now, none of the options above are as hot as Tehran hostels. Staying in a one of the amazing hostels in Tehran is a great low-cost way to explore Iran’s multifaceted capital. Lodging in a hostel isn’t only about low costs. You will enter a jovial atmosphere brimming with youthful energy and full of surprises. Take Seven Hostel in Tehran for instance, the first official hostel in Iran according to international standards. Here you will have all the merits of a clean three-star hotel plus a rare international vibe and a 24hr rooftop hangout area with comfy benches, free tea and a view of the old town of Tehran. This bring us to another advantage of staying in hostels: location. Considering the massive area of Tehran, convenient location is a top priority for people after a budget accommodation. The good news is that most of the topnotch hostels in Tehran lie in the city center thus allowing easy access to Tehran’s most-visited historic spots such Tehran Grand Bazaar and Golestan Palace.


Tehran Hostels

Seven Hostel in Tehran

Located very close to Tehran Metro, Seven Hostel in Tehran is surely the most popular hostel in Iran's capital. It helps you with your Iranian visa, your IKIA airport taxi, booking other Iran hotels, etc.

9/17/2018 10:28:34 AM

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Szlezak on 2/23/2020
Hello, Would it be possible to book a single bed or room for one person from 27 till 29 March ? Looking forward to hearing from you. Mateusz

Room Available

Dear Mat

Inquiry Code: 21704



Thank you very much for your interest in our services, at the moment there is availability on your desired dates. Please refer to the link below and make your reservation. You'll receive a confirmation instantly.

The link below helps you about the prices:

Kind Regards,


Iran Seven Group 

Bombawfx on 10/13/2018
We have started our Iranian tour at Seven Hostel in Teheran. We had luck to choose this hostel. It has good localisation and  friendly atmosphere. The stuff is very proffesional, always willing to help you and ready to answer your questions. I can not find the right words to express how grateful we are for the help we got from them in problems we had to face just after our arrivals to Teheran. I really would love to thank everyone but especially to Saaed, the manager of the hostel for his help and to Saaed, the driver who sacrified a lot of his time to help us. It is a saying that true friends you can meet only in your hard time and this is what we feel!

Thank You


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Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

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Seven Hostels Group


Salazar San Juan on 9/27/2018
Hello: I would like to make a reservation in Seven Hostel in Teheran for a double room with two single beds and breakfast included for the night of october 27th to 28th. I hope your answer to send you the necessary information to process the reservation of the room Thank you very much.

Room Available

Dear salazar

Inquiry Code: 8114



Thank you very much for your interest in our services. At the moment, there is availability on your desired dates. Yes. The breakfast is included

 Please refer to the link below and make your reservation. You'll receive a confirmation instantly.

Kind Regards

Seven Hostels Group