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In the 16th and 17th century, Isfahan used to be the Persian Empire's capital. Back then, Persia was a great superpower in the world and Abbas I of Persia from the Safavid Dynasty, who is also known as Abbas the Great, fostered sciences and arts in all forms. It was because of Abbas's role as a patron that history's greatest scientists such as Shaikh-i Bahai moved to Isfahan and contributed to the grandeur of this city in all terms. Modern Isfahan has been registered as a world handicrafts city by World Crafts Council (WWC) and is surely one the most beautiful cities in the world in terms of layout and also architecture. Now, there are many traditional, luxury hotels in Isfahan but the rooms rates at these hotels are quite high and most budget travelers cannot afford their accommodation costs in this city. To fill the gap, and in it's third step to achieve the goal of starting a chain of hostels in Iran, SevenHostels Group started Seven Hostel in Isfahan early in 2016.

Hostel in Isfahan

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Seven Hostel in Isfahan's Facilities, Rooms and Services

Seven Hostel in Isfahan is in fact a part of a three-star hotel called Ibne Sina. Through SevenHostels Group's contract with this hotel, budget travelers who travel to Isfahan are provided with dorm beds at 15 USD and also private rooms starting from 45 USD per night, depending on the number of the beds in the room. The rooms rates include free breakfast and Wi-Fi internet. All the rooms have private bathrooms and despite the quite large and labyrinthine building, the general state of this hostel in Isfahan can be described as neat and clean. Inside the building, there are Persian arabesque designs and murals on the walls all around that are the works of the manager of the hostel who used to be a professor of fine art. In my personal opinion, the top facility at this hostel is its great rooftop terrace which is the hostel's common area where the guests get together and socialize. This terrace is furnished in a traditional way and gives you an unrivalled view of the city, especially in the evenings.

Hostel in Isfahan

Seven Hostel in Isfahan's Location and Directions

With the GPS coordinates of 32.672008, 51.684270 which is a central location in Isfahan, Seven Hostel provides you with a great access to most of the popular tourist attractions in this city. Right next to the hostel, there is Isfahan's Jameh Mosque whose architecture is absolutely awe-inspiring. Next to the mosque, you'll find an entrance to Isfahan's ancient Bazaar and taking the right direction you can reach Isfahan's number one tourist attraction i.e. Naghsh-e Jahan Square after a 15-min walk. And it's really great because you'll be doing two things at the same time; visiting the bazaar, and reaching Naghsh-e Jahan through a shortcut. But make sure you're going to the right direction in the bazaar, the long labyrinthine arched corridors can be really confusing. To help you more with the directions to our hostel in Isfahan and making the reservation, below is the address in Persian and English, and also the link to this hostel's reservation form:

Hostel in Isfahan

Address in English: Seven Hostel in Isfahan, Ibne Sina Hotel, 37th Alley, Ibne Sina St, Isfahan

Address in Persian:

اصفهان، خیابان ابن سینا، کوچه ۳۷، هتل ابن سینا، هاستل سون

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Hostel in Isfahan   Hostel in Isfahan   Hostel in Isfahan   Hostel in Isfahan

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