Noghli Hostel in Kashan

It’s quite easy to find and book a hostel like Noghli Hostel in Kashan and this city is very popular among local and foreign tourists. Kashan is one of the most ancient cities in the ancient country of Iran and there are people who say that The Three Wise Men who attended Jesus’s nativity at Bethlehem and presented him with the historical gifts were from this city. This oasis city is famous for its rich culture, its very hospitable people and most important of all for its rose distillate or what the locals call Golab. Every spring, many people in Kashan get engaged in the production of this popular souvenir from this city and there are tourists who go there just to watch these people working in fields of roses. People whose hands are rough because of the thorny bushes, but whose souls, as pleasant as the roses’ fragrance, is smooth like the desert’s breeze. Being such an amazing city, Kashan accommodates thousands of people every year and so finding a hotel in Kashan is not much of a challenge at all.


Noghli Hostel in Kashan Prices

  • Mixed Dorms - €12(Price) per night
  • Private Twin Rooms(Shared Bathrooms) - €28(Price) per night
  • Private 3-bed Rooms(Shared Bathrooms) - €32(Price) per night
  • Private 4-bed Rooms(Shared Bathrooms) - €40(Price) per night
  • Private Twin Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €40(Price) per night
  • Private Double Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €40(Price) per night
  • Private 3-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €44(Price) per night
  • Private 4-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €48(Price) per night
  • Private 5-bed Rooms(Private Bathrooms) - €52(Price) per night

Note: The rooms rates above include your breakfast and Wi-Fi.


Noghli Hostel in Kashan or Noghli House

Among the many hostels that you can find in Kashan, Noghli Hostel or as the locals call it, Noghli House is the most popular one. The main reason behind the hostel's popularity is its very friendly and helpful staff; you cannot imagine how far they go to help the foreign tourists out in all sorts of problems they face on their trip. Generally speaking, people in Kashan are deservedly known for their hospitality and warmth. But in my opinion, Noghli Hostel is home to the best examples of Persian Hospitality which is Iran’s number one tourist attraction.


Noghli Hostel in Kashan Address

No 20, Ab Anbar-e-Khaan Passage, Paamenaar Alley, Molla Habibollah-e-Sharif St., Kashan, Iran

Address in Persian:

کاشان، خیابان ملاحبیب الله شریف، کوچه پامنار، گذر آب انبار خان، پلاک ۲۰


Another factor that has contributed to Kashan Hostel's popularity is the very good location of this hostel. The location of Noghli Hostel is so convenient that it gives you very easy access to all the tourist attractions in this small city. The most popular tourist attractions in Kashan are its Historical Houses whose amazing architecture strikes with awe. And Noghli House will give you great access to these houses. As far as the facilities at the hostel are concerned, aside from the traditionally furnished and relaxing courtyard, there are both private rooms and dormitories. Some of the rooms have private bathrooms and some don't, but according to the guests' feedback they're always clean.


Noghli Hostel in Kashan

Noghli Hostel in Kashan

Noghli Hostel in Kashan

Noghli Hostel in Kashan

Noghli Hostel in Kashan

Noghli Hostel in Kashan

Noghli Hostel in Kashan

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Hirsch Behnam on 12/15/2017
Hello, we are a group of 9 and would like to stay from 29 to 30 March in your hostel. What is the price? Maybe 2 of us will stay longer. Thanks, Anja 6 female, 3 male.

Room Available

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Thank you very much for your interest in our services, at the moment there is availability on your desired dates. Please refer to the link below and make your reservation. We'll get back to you very soon (within less than 12 hours).

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