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Golshan Hostel in Shiraz

Shiraz is the most Persian city among Iran’s ancient cities. And I don’t think of it as the most Persian city because of its ancient Persian ruins like Persepolis or Pasargadae; it’s the people in Shiraz that make me think so. The people in Shiraz are the nicest and warmest people on this planet and although the city is a popular tourist attraction visited by thousands of foreign and local travelers every year, you will still enjoy authentic Persian hospitality, that in my personal opinion, is the top tourist attraction in Iran. Being such an amazing city, Shiraz is always short of accommodation facilities and booking a hostel in Shiraz in advance is a must. Aside from Niayesh Hotel, Golshan Hostel in Shiraz is the most popular one.

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz Reservation

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz; Location

Without any doubt the location of Golshan Hostel in Shiraz is the best in this city and is the main reason of it’s great popularity. While being located at the center of a polluted megacity like Tehran does not count as an advantage, a central location in Iran’s smaller cities is really good because most of the the small cities here lack proper, frequent means of public transportation. But, the location of this hostel is so convenient that the hostel has started running tours on which the tour guides take you to several tourist attractions on a round-the-city tour on foot!

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz

Shiraz Day Tours

Upon your arrival at this hostel in Shiraz, the hostel's staff who are all very kind and patient, present Shiraz day tour packages in details and they answer to all sorts of questions the tourists come up with. The tour guides who are employed by the hostel are locals who speak several languages fluently and have great knowledge of their city and their culture.

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz Reservation


Hostel in Shiraz   Hostel in Shiraz   Hostel in Shiraz   Hostel in Shiraz


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BLASI on 12/23/2017
Hi, I would like to book a double room with private bathroom for 3 nights 25 dec check-in and 28 check-out). Is it available? How much is it? Thanks. Best Tiziano

No Rooms But


Inquiry Code: 5267


There is no private Double or Twin room available on your desired dates. But there is availability in the Private 3-bed room. The price of Private 3-bed room is 60 Euros per night. Also, there is 20% discount on all rooms from Nov 20 to Feb 20. The link below helps you to find more information about the price:

If you are interested, please refer to the link below and make a reservation for the Private 3-bed room.

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SevenHostels Group

Rebuffet on 3/23/2017
Hello. I'm coming to visit Shiraz with my husband. Would you still have a room available from thursday the 6th to the 8th of april please? Thanks in advance. Ms Laure Rebuffet

Thank You

Dear Ms. Laure

Comment Code: 1265


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please make reservation on the website and we will check the availability and get back to you .

Kind Regards