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Cheap Hotel in Tehran - Seven Hostel in Tehran

Seven Hostel in Tehran was the first hostel in Iran to offer accommodation and services to budget travelers or backpackers. After two years of hosting and helping thousands of travelers from different countries and cultural backgrounds, this hostel has become like a home to tourists; a starting point that makes the rest of their trip as convenient as possible. This hostel is located in the center of the city and is less than a 10-min walk from two metro stations on two different lines (See Tehran Metro Map). The guests staying at our hostel appreciate the professional service we offer and admit the help they get here is really more than what you'd expect from a typical hostel or cheap hotel in Tehran; we provide sponsorship for your visa on arrival in Iran, we take care of your Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi, we give you great Tehran BRT Bus Maps to help you navigate in Tehran, we book your Iran hotels all around, we book your bus, train or plane tickets, we...

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Cheap Hotel in Tehran

Seven Hostel's Rooms, Better Than Any Budget Hotel in Tehran

Here at Seven Hostel in Tehran, there are dormitories with comfortable dorm beds and big lockers in each dorm. There are also private rooms at our hostel. All the rooms have their own private bathrooms and showers inside. Needless to say, Seven Hostel's room rates are absolutely lower than any budget hotel in Tehran. Free tea is also always available on the rooftop which is the hostel's common area and the guests are welcome to leave their luggage there for the day even after checking out. Furthermore, we offer laundry service at the hostel with only 5 USD.

Cheap Hotel in Tehran

Seven Hostel in Tehran's Staff and Services

The staff working at Seven Hostel in Tehran work really hard to help the guests feel at home. Our guests in turn really appreciate our staff listening very patiently to all the inquiries and providing tips on a wide variety of topics. We have 24-hour reception and so we offer 24-hour sponsorship to tourists who apply for their visa on arrival at the airport and need us to confirm their reservation through the phone calls the visa officials make to the hostel. The airport pickups are done through a cooperation with Iran Tourists Transportation Service that provides our guests with secure, reliable taxi service form IKIA to the hostel or the other way around. Through the same company we also book train, bus, or plane tickets to any desired destination and the company offers a good discount to tourists who book their tickets from our hostels and budget hotels in Tehran.

Cheap Hotel in Tehran

Book a Bed/Room at Our Tehran Hostel

Cheap Hotel in Tehran   Cheap Hotel in Tehran   Cheap Hotel in Tehran   Cheap Hotel in Tehran


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Silke Schoefisch on 4/3/2017
Hallo! Im looking for a room/ bed in your hostel at night 08./09. april. My flight is arriving late at night and with VOA and taxi im in your hostel at 3 am. Is this problem for you? I travel alone. Hope to cu

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Thank you very much for contacting us.
The Hostel has 24 hour check in .

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