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Tehran BRT Bus Lines Map, Pdf

Bus Rapid Transit or its more commonly known abbreviation BRT is a modern mutation of speed buses operating in the public transportation system of many major cities around the globe. For decades buses were the only means of public transportation in Iran. People of Iran remember with a tinge of nostalgia the time when they had to memorize the bus schedules and buy tiny bus tickets. The youth and especially the children of 50s in Iran used to run after a red double-decked bus to take them to school. These lovely colorful buses later gave way to modern speed buses. Tehran as the only megacity in Iran, boasts one of the most efficient BRT systems in the world. Of course, Tehran isn’t the only urban area in Iran to make use of BRT. Other major cities including Tabriz and Isfahan also have BRT lines in their Public transport bus services in Iran. Tehran Bus Rapid Transit has 10 active lines covering the whole urban area of Tehran. Finding one’s way in these BRT lines in the crazy rush hour of Tehran is nearly impossible without the help of Tehran BRT map designed by our hostel in Tehran and set in all Tehran buses and stations. The 10 lines of Tehran BRT are represented in different colors in maps to ease their usage. In what follows we will briefly introduce Tehran BRT lines. The first line known as Azadi-Tehranpars and shown on the map with the color red starts in Azadi Sq. Bus Terminal in the far west and after stopping in 24 stations takes you to Tehranpars crossroad in the far east (Tehran’s East Bus Terminal). The second line, Azadi-Khavaran, again starts in Azadi Sq. Bus Terminal but this time goes across 26 stops until it reaches Khavaran station in the southeast. Khavaran is also the ending point of the third line whose first station is Science & Tech Terminal in the northeast. This line has 18 stops and is distinguished with the color blue. The fourth line links Tehran South Bus Terminal in the south to Afshar Terminal in Chamran Highway in the north. Also known as the light blue line, South Terminal-Afshar line has 22 stops. Line 5 (shown with pink on the map) starts from Science & Tech Terminal and after eight stops reaches Beihaghi Bus Terminal in Argentina Sq. The sixth line isn’t operational yet so we go straight to line 7 known as Railway station-Tajrish line, probably the most popular bus line in the capital. Also the longest line of Tehran BRT, the green line crosses forty stops to connect Railway Station in the south to the famous Tajrish Sq in the far north. Line 8, the orange line, links Tehran South Terminal to Khavaran Terminal and has five stops in between. The ninth line or the light green line connect Sohanak to Javanmard Ghassab Metro Station in the south and finally line 10 shown on the map with dark brown take us back to Azadi Sq and after 9 stops ends in Daneshgah Azad Sq. in the northwest. If you prefer to know about your routes before getting on the buses, you can easily get the latest updates of Tehran bus map (Tehran BRT Bus Map 2017) and also Tehran subway map which is free to download in different formats such as PDF. Both BRT and Metro lines are included in different editions of Tehran Metro map. Regarding the inter-city Iran buses, IranTTS offers both their timetable and also the possibility to book online.  Tehran BRT Bus Lines Map, Pdf

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