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Tehran Metro Map 2017

Tehran Metro Map

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Tehran Metro has a long history of construction and inauguration. The project was under way before the revolution of 1979, but was held up due to the agitations and chaos of the revolution and the paralyzing effects of the catastrophic war with Iraq. The planning and construction of the metro in Tehran was resumed after the end of the war and finally the first of many Tehran metro lines became operational in 1999. As with Tehran BRT map, the most updated version of Tehran subway map (Tehran metro map 2017) is available online in JPG and PDF formats. There are lots of Tehran metro maps free to download in PDF but you are advised to download the one designed by our Tehran hostel (link above). The first maps of metro in Tehran showed just two lines but later four more lines were added. Tehran metro stations each have a theme usually related to the name of the station and these unique themes are considered in the construction of each station. The red line that connects Tajrish Sq. in the north to Kahrizak in the south has 29 stops and is the busiest line in Tehran Metro. It shares five stations with the other lines where the passengers can change lines and head towards their destinations in the east and the west. The second blue-colored line linking Sadeghieh Sq. in the west to Farhangsara Station in the northeast has 22 stops and is the second longest line in Tehran subway. Line3 (light blue line) starting from Ghaem Station takes you from northeast to southwest and travels through 23 stations until it reaches Azadegan. The yellow line connects Ekbatan in the west to Shahid Kolahduz in the far east and carries the passengers across 22 stations. The fifth line is the only line outside Tehran transferring thousands of commuters from Karaj to Tehran and vice versa. The green line ends in Sadeghieh which is the first station of the blue line. We skip the 6th line which is still under construction and go to the violet-colored line 7 which is more than 14 miles long and joins the north of Tehran to Takhti Stadium in the east. Currently only eight stations of the total 26 are operational. The last line is probably the most important one for the foreign tourists as it connects to Imam Khomeini Airport, your landing place to Tehran. Shown with a different shade of red, this line is an offshoot of the first line and is the only metro line in Tehran which is open 24 hours. This complex web of stations, lines and colors might seem too intricate to many but once you start your journey in Tehran Metro you will easily find your way and will come across a lot of people who are eager to speak English and lead you to your destination. But to stay on the safe side we recommend that you get the latest version of Tehran metro map. The new version of the metro map, available online in pdf and jpg, includes the names and minor descriptions of each station. If you are not interested to use subway and would like to use Tehran city buses, we recommend you to download Tehran bus map. As for Iran buses heading out of Tehran moving all around the country, Iran Tourist Transportation Service (IranTTS) has been catering to the travelers' needs for years.

 Tehran Metro Map

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Hussain khan on 3/17/2019
Would like to know line7 fm sanat sq. Started opration or not?? Thanks

Thank You

Dear Hussain khan

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Thank you very much for contacting us.

Yes. It was startes the operation.

Kind Regards

Seven Hostels Group


Lutful on 3/15/2019
Metro map is convenient for all even for foreigners. I will make a plan to visit Iran, if Allah wishes.

Thank You

Dear Lutful

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Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

Kind Regards