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Tehran Metro Map 2017

Tehran Metro Map

Below is Tehran metro map and you can easily download the good quality Pdf image of the map through the above link. Although we provide all our guests with a printed version of our map here at our Tehran hostel, we recommend you to have the map printed before your arrival in Tehran. This way you'll be able to navigate in this vast megacity very conveniently. Furthermore, our Tehran metro map is very special; we have put numbers for some of the metro stations on the map and also there is a list of tourists attractions at the left bottom. The tourist attractions have be enlisted according to their vicinity to the numbered metro station. As far as Tehran metro tickets are concerned, the e-ticket cards are recommended. you can easily find them at all the metro stations in Tehran and use them to take the city buses as well. The price of the e-tickets depend on the number of metro trips you are willing to take but usually 50,000 rials which is a bit more than 1 Euro is enough for 3 days of stay in Tehran. Tehran Metro Map

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