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Iran Women Clothing

In present day, Iranian women are still obliged to wear a headscarf and a coat (the so called Manto) in public. In the past police forces in the streets would strictly enforce an appropriate dress code, arresting women that were dressed "inappropriately". Luckily the dress code these days has been eased a lot for women and they can feel much more relaxed about what they wear. Come to Iran and you will see women in all ages wearing colorful coats, skinny jeans, tight shirts and trendy runners. Still, although police control has become much less these days, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore. Even today Iranian women do get arrested, if they push it too far.

Iran Women

Many Iranian Women Don’t Leave the House Without Make-up

Having only the face to show, Iranian women spend a lot of time and effort on their faces to look beautiful. Make-up is very important for many. So don’t be surprised if you see women selling lipsticks in the metro. While some put on a modest make-up, others simply over-do it. Especially in Tehran it doesn’t take long to see women who look just like Hollywood superstars on the red carpet. Plastic surgeries like “nose jobs” are also very popular for those who can afford it. Walking in the streets you will come across Iranian women who proudly wear their nose plaster. Strangely, this also applies to Iranian men these days.

Iran Women

Iranian Women Are Eager to Be Educated

Education is important to people in Iran and today’s Iran is full of women that enroll in university. Actually more than half of Iran’s students are female, outranging the number of male students by far. Although a high number of Iranian women are well educated, women are less to be found in jobs than men. While this is partly because of discrimination (as in many other countries), it is also because Iranian women are less career-oriented but more family-oriented. Even in present day and modern Iran, it is still not uncommon for women to stay at home, where they take care of the household and the family.

Iran Women

Iran Women

Iranian Women Are Enthusiastic to Get Married

Traditional family values are still very important for women in Iran. Being a single women is still not commonly accepted in the culture, although this is slightly changing for the better. Therefore, Iranian women are enthusiastic to find a suitable husband and to get married. While some years ago it was common for them to get married in their early 20ies, this has changed over the years and these days it is not unusual to marry late in 20ies, or even around the age of 30 years.

Iran Women

Iran Women

Iran Women


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