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Seven Hostel in Tehran

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One of the best services that we offer at Seven Hostel in Tehran is our Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi. We recommend all our guests to use our airport pickup services for two important reasons. First, the majority of our guests arrive on flights that land after midnight and after going through your Iran visa process, finding a taxi at that hour can be a hassle. Second, and unfortunately, there are few cunning taxi drivers who would take you to a wrong hostel or cheap hotel in Tehran with the purpose of earning a commission from the owners of that place. Some of these drivers pretend they are unable to find Seven Hostel's address and there are even some who would fake a conversation on the phone with our staff and tell you that the hostel is already full or your reservation has been cancelled.

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Seven Hostel's Reviews as a Budget Hotel in Tehran

SevenHostels Group is a national project that was started in May 2015. The aim of this project is to start a chain of hostels, all by the name of Seven, in all the touristic cities in Iran. Seven Hostel, that is also the most popular budget hotel in Tehran, was a starting point in this project. In just a few months after the opening of this hostel in Tehran, it gained immediate popularity and became one the most popular hostels in Iran.  There is no better proof to our hostel's popularity than our guests’ reviews on TripAdvisor and also on our Facebook page. There are several factors that make Seven Hostels good options for your accommodation during your trip in Iran; first, the international and warm atmosphere of our youth hostels in Iran; second, the convenient locations of our hostels; and third, the friendly and helpful Iranian people who form our staff here. They give our guests a genuine touch of Iran facts, and present all things you must know about Iran.

Budget Hotel in Tehran

Hostel in Tehran

Seven Hostel and Other Hostels or Cheap Hotels in Tehran

Our hostel in Tehran is the equivalent of the best answer the question "What is a Hostel?" could ever get. It has the warm, friendly and of course informal atmosphere that is typical in all the good hostels around the world. Here we have a great rooftop terrace which is the hang-out area at the hostel. The guests’ lively chats along with the always available free tea in the evenings are an unforgettable side of their stay here. This warm and friendly atmosphere has turned this hostel into a kind of base for many foreign tourists in Iran; they stay here for a few nights as they arrive in Tehran, then they take a trip to the north for two or three days, then they head south and stay here for another night on their way to Isfahan or Shiraz, and finally again they come here to Tehran on the last night of their trip just before their flight back home. Here at Seven Hostel in Tehran, it is also possible to book beds or rooms at other hostels or cheap hotels in Tehran or in other cities; you can book hostels in Kashan, hostels in Isfahan, hostels in Shiraz, hostels in Yazd or even Hostels in Dizin.

Budget Hotel in Tehran

Hostel in Tehran

Seven Hostel in Tehran Has The Best Location

The location of Seven Hostel in Tehran is very convenient. As a matter of fact, SevenHostels Group is trying its best to choose the best locations in cities and towns to start more and more new budget hotels and hostels in Iran. Our Tehran hostel for example is located right in the center of the city near the central Imam Khomeini Square in Tehran. This location is most convenient because of two reasons; first, you can easily walk to most of the popular tourist attractions in Tehran from our hostel. These tourist attractions include Golestan Palace, The Grand Bazaar of Tehran, The National Museum of Iran, Park-e Shahr, etc. Second, Seven Hostel in Tehran gives you easy access to two different central metro stations in Tehran on two different lines; one is called Imam Khomeini Square Metro Station (Line 1, Red Line) which is the most important station in Iran's capital, and another one called Mellat Metro Station (Line 2, Dark Blue Line, See Tehran Metro Map). Using these metro stations, not only will you have easy access to just any neighborhood in Tehran, but also to Tehran's BRT (See Tehran BRT Bus Lines Map), which is the second most popular means of transportation in this city.

Cheap Hotel in Tehran

Seven Hostel in Tehran

Seven Hostel in Tehran's Staff  

Just like most of the Iranian women and men, the staff at our hostel in Tehran are extremely helpful. They have a good knowledge of the cities and provide the guests with easy directions to their desired destinations and help them to take the best of Iran tours. These directions come along with special maps that have been designed by the staff themselves. The guests at our hostel treasure our maps, directions, and general Iran travel information so much because of important reasons; the language in Iran and the currency in Iran are both quite confusing, and as far as Iran weather patterns are concerned, no country can be more diverse. The staff at our other budget hotels in Tehran and other cities are also very warm and helpful. Many of them have started to work in Iran's tourism only recently but you'd think they've been working with foreign tourists for years. They know what the tourists need here in Iran and they specialize in making their trip as smooth as possible.

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