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Barely a year has passed since SevenHostels Group started Seven Hostel in Tehran and it wont be an exaggeration to claim that this hostel has become the most popular hostel not only in the capital but in the whole country. As I have mentioned in several of my articles, the top objective at SevenHostels Group is to start a chain of hostels in all the touristic cities and towns in Iran. It is a great delight to let you know we have just started our second Seven Hostel in Iran in the amazing city of Shiraz. Although Seven Hostel in Shiraz is a new hostel in this city, it has gained great popularity in just less than 4 weeks. There are certain reasons that have contributed to the quick popularity of this hostel; the popularity and reliability of Seven Hostel in Tehran, the intimate collaboration between SevenHostels Group and Niayesh Hostel in Shiraz, and the super helpful and friendly staff working at this hostel.

Hostel in Shiraz

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Seven Hostel in Shiraz and Seven Hostel in Tehran

There is no hostel in Iran that has got better TripAdvisor reviews than Seven Hostel in Tehran. This hostel has truly earned this very positive feedback through its warm atmosphere, professional service and its super helpful staff. Seven Hostel in Shiraz also is staffed with people who care for the comfort of their guests much more than the money they earn. As I always say, people from Shiraz are the most Persian people in Iran in terms of classic Persian characteristics and so one can get a good idea of the legendary Persian hospitality at this hostel.

Hostel in Shiraz

Seven Hostel in Shiraz; Location

Seven Hostel in Shiraz is run and managed through an intimate collaboration between SevenHostels Group and Niayesh Hostel. As a matter of fact, our hostel in Shiraz is located right next to Niayesh hostel and the major factor behind the popularity of these two hostels is their central location. With the awe-inspiring Shah Cheragh being the nearest tourist attraction at a 5-min walking distance, the location of our hostel is so convenient that one can visit most of the popular tourist attractions in Shiraz in a single-day city trip on foot.

Hostel in Shiraz

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Hostel in Shiraz   Hostel in Shiraz   Hostel in Shiraz   Hostel in Shiraz

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yun seong on 4/17/2017
Hello i amBaek and want to book your room Now we ara at shiraz golshan hostel and todday we find another hostel we want to stay today night please answer me and tell me how much room two person

Room Not Available

Dear Mr. baek

Inquiry Code: 1689



Thank you very much for your interest in our services, there is NO availability at your desired accommodation option on your desired dates. Please refer to our website at and make a reservation at another option in the same city.

Kind Regards

vilfan on 4/16/2017
Hi there, I would liek to know if you have still any room avaliable for dates 22.4 -25.4.2017 in SHIRAZ? We would need for 2 people to stay for that time. Please respond as soon as possible, so we can make a reservation. Best regards, MAtevž

Thank You

Dear  Friend

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Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please make reservation on the website and we will check the availability and get back to you .

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