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Iran Dizin Ski Resort Tours

Iran Tours is a travel agency that specializes in running Iran ski tours to several resorts. Most of the agency’s clients opt for Dizin Ski Resort tours. There are four major factors that have made this company one of the most successful tour operators in Iran. First, the popularity of Seven Hostel in Tehran at which the agency is based; second, the agency’s very good and affordable rates; third, convenient Iran accommodation facilities provided by the agency; and fourth, their Iran tour guides who know about all the facts in Iran, sponsor you to get your Iranian visa, and help you get in touch with real people in Iran.

Iran Dizin Ski Resort Tour

Note: There is 20% Discount for groups of 2 people, and 30% for groups of 3 or more on all the packages.



Iran Tour Operators and Seven Hostel in Tehran

Being based at Seven Hostel in the capital, this travel agency owes much of its popularity to this very popular hostel in Tehran. Barely a year has passed since the opening of this hostel and there is no other place in the country that has earned as many flattering TripAdvisor reviews as this hostel. As a matter of fact, the core members of Iran Tours Group are the same people who started SevenHostels Group and their aim is to start a chain of hostels and hotels in Iran all under the name of Seven. Another factor that has contributed to the agency's success is the location of Seven Hostel. Being located exactly in the center of the city, the hostel gives the tourists easy access not only to Tehran metro and Tehran BRT, but also to the main highways that lead them to the popular Iran ski resorts located in the Alborz Mountain Range. Tochal Ski Resort for example is just a 30-minute ride away from this hostel in Tehran.

Iran Dizin Ski Resort Tour

Iran Tour Guides Rates For Dizin Ski Resort Tours

Although Iran skiing experience is generally cheap_ it’s the cheapest in the world_ the agency's rates for Dizin Ski Resort tours are the best in the country. Their Iran ski tour packages’ prices start from around 100 Euros which is the most affordable rate for a ski tour. The packages include the tourists’ transportation from any hostel or hotel in Tehran to the tours’ locations and back, the tourists’ entrance to the ski resorts, and also the cost of their accommodation at the best option found in the vicinity of the resorts.

Iran Dizin Ski Resort Tour

Dizin Ski Resort Hotels

Booking a proper Dizin Ski Resort Hotel in advance is very important. This is true especially in high Iran ski season, but I don’t think there is any agency that can handle this aspect of Dizin tours as professionally as Iran Tours Group. Being based at Seven Hostel, this agency has a very good cooperation with SevenHostels Group that is also based at Seven Hostel in Tehran and specializes in finding the best accommodation options with the best rates all around the country. For example, Dizin Ski Resort tour packages offered by the agency include the tourists’ accommodation at the very convenient Dizin Hotel that is right next to the resort.

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gargulak on 2/3/2017
Hi, do you have any place in the chalet or in the hotel close to the slope?? can you arrange transport from the airport?? we are 3 persons

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