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Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi

SevenHostels has a very close collaboration with Iran Tourists Transportation Service (IranTTS). The services offered by this transportation company are not limited to just Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi; they help thousands of tourists to book bus, train and plane tickets in Iran, they offer special (customized) taxi service from any clear address in Iran to any clear destination, they offer one-day Iran tours in all the major cities in Iran, etc. A large percentage of the tourists who have stayed at Seven Hostel in Tehran have used IranTTS Imam Khomeini Airport taxi pickups and have provided us with very positive feedback on their services. This in turn made us extend our contract with this company for another year. Before providing you with the details on their IKIA taxi service, I would like to draw your attention to a rare but unfortunate phenomenon regarding taking taxis in Iran which of course does not happen only in our country.

Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi

Book an Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi

IKIA / Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi and the Cunning Drivers

Now, if you are NOT interested to use IranTTS IKA airport taxi, I think I should caution you about some of the common tricks used by the very few cunning drivers who ambush at the exits of Imam Khomeini Airport to ensnare the naive-looking foreign tourists. First, you should always make sure that you and the driver have the same price or fare in your minds. In other words, never get in a taxi if you have not already made sure how much the driver is going to charge you. This is specially important when you are expected to make the payment in Iran's currency, which is known to be the most confusing in the world. Second, make sure that you and the driver are talking about the same destination. It happens that drivers first take you to a destination that is not what you're looking for and then ask you for more money to take you to your desired address. Third, there are drivers who play games on you by pretending they're not able to find your desired hostel or hotel in Tehran and instead they take you to another hotel with the purpose of earning a commission from its owner. All in all, we recommend you to read the details below very carefully and use IranTTS Imam Khomeini Airport taxi service.

Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi

IranTTS IKA / Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi Details

1. The company's Imam Khomeini Airport taxi service to any hotel/hostel in Tehran is offered at 10 Euros per car they send to the airport.

2. Pick-up Time:

A. You Already Have Your Iran Visa:

If you already have your visa, you should set your pick-up time at around one hour after your plane's landing time; this way you'll have time to claim your luggage and exchange a bit of money.

B. You Are Going to Apply for Your Visa on Arrival:

If you're going to apply for your visa at the airport, you should set your pick-up time at around two hours after your landing time; then you'll have enough time to apply for your visa, claim your luggage and exchange a bit of money.

3. IranTTS driver will meet you exactly at your desired pickup time, right next to the Information Booth/Desk on the ground floor of the airport, and he'll be holding a small whiteboard with your name written on it. See the picture below:

Imam Khomeini Airport Taxi

4. Please clarify your exact pickup time using the standard 24-hour method (hh:mm) in IranTTS website's reservation form.

the kind people at the info desk on the ground floor of the airport to call IranTTS hotline at 00989368709492 and enjoy their 24-hour support.

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MNic on 12/21/2019
Hello, What is the price in euros for a taxi from the airport to Poloura (below Damavand Mountain), or from your hostel to Poloura? Thank you for the information.

Service Available

Dear MNic

Inquiry Code: 20114



Thank you very much for your interest in our services.

The price for taxi service is:

40 € from the airport to Poloura,

35€ from the hostel to Poloura.

You can refer to the website and make a reservation.

Please note that you should select "special taxi service " in the reservation form.

Kind Regards,


Iran Seven Group 

Boshouwers on 9/3/2019
Hello goodevening, whats the price in euro for the taxi from the airport to your hostel? Thanks in advance. Jose, ( we arrive saturday..

Thank You

Dear Boshouwers

Comment Code: 17253


Thank you very much for contacting us. Its 10 Euro per car from IKIA to Seven hostel.

Kind Regards

 Iran TTS


Does on 9/15/2018
Hello, so it means I can pay the taxi in euro?

Thank You

Dear Does

Comment Code: 7850


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Yes. You can pay in Euro.

Kind Regards