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When is the best time to travel and see the world? Well, there's a Persian proverb that says "no matter when you catch a fish from the lake, it'll be fresh." It means it's never late to start on a new plan. So, whether you are seventeen or seventy, you can get up one day early in the morning and say "It's the big day I was waiting for. It's time for backpacking and exploring the world." Still, I'm sure we all agree with Cobie Smulders that there's something cool about traveling when we are young. For one thing, there's a sense of camaraderie among young travelers who typically stay at International youth hostels, or at least this is what we see here at hostels in Iran.

International Youth Hostels , Iran

International Youth Hostels Background

Technically speaking, the term "Youth Hostel" is somehow outdated now due to the fact that most of today's hostels accept travelers at different ages. However, it's still quite common that most backpackers who choose hostels as their accommodation are young students or young adults. International youth hostels have a long history. It was in 1912 when Richard Schirrmann, a German school teacher, opened the first youth hostel in his school in Altena. Later on, International Youth Hostels Federation (IYHF) was established in 1932, but then it changed its name to Hostelling International (HI) in 2006. Hostelling International is a charity organization which owns over 3300 international youth hostels in almost 90 countries.

International Youth Hostels , Iran

International Youth Hostels in Iran and SevenHostels Group

Saint Augustine is surely right when he says the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a single page. Traveling and backpacking help mankind reach mutual understanding and tolerance and the richer the country of destination, the more rewarding the trip. Here in Iran for example, hiking on the Majestic Alborz, walking among the ancient ruins of Persepolis, diving in the azure Persian Gulf, surfing the golden desert sand dunes at Maranjab Desert or snowboarding the powdery snow of Dizin are all a small part of the experiences young travelers can have in this wonderfully rich country. And thanks to SevenHostels Group's chain of international youth hostels in Iran, thousands of young backpackers from around the world have cozy homes here where they meet up every year and share their travel stories.

International Youth Hostels , Iran

International Youth Hostels , Iran   International Youth Hostels , Iran   International Youth Hostels , Iran   International Youth Hostels , Iran

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Poonawala on 10/11/2017
I wish to book a single one bed in Bunkbeds Dom. Of Seven Hostel In proper Tehran city . Arrive/3-Nov. from Baku by Train and Depart/6-Nov.17. Total 3 nights in Tehran. What's total price ? Thanks, salaam, .......Tayeb

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